Can't get on my Atlas cluster window the same view which I see in the course video

I’m now in the section “Atlas User Interface Overview” of the course M001, Chapter 1. I see that the navigation panel on the left of the screen shown in the course video starts with “DATA STORAGE” title, while on the left of my Atlas cluster window (at Cloud: MongoDB Cloud URL) I see several titles: DEPLOYMENT, DATA SERVICE, SECURITY - but no “DATA STORAGE”, and no visible to me tip how to make the “DATA STORAGE” to appear :- (
I guess that I have to connect in order to get the same view as on the video, but when I connect from the shell, my Atlas cluster window appearance doesn’t change - it still leaves the button “Connect” active, despite that the shell Iooks like the connection was successful.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

I actually think the video is on the older MongoDB Atlas UI. They re designed the web page a bit. But the screen shot you provided is the same starting point as the page with the “DATA STORAGE”. As you can see the sub-sections are the same underneath, plus some new features such as “data federation” that is new atlas feature.

So although the “DATA STORAGE” isn’t their all the features they show are there and in the same spot.

The “connect” button will always be active no matter if you connect via shell or not. That button just gives you the connections strings for different programming languages for your cluster.


Thanks, Eli!
Clicked on “Browse Collections” and indeed got a similar to the video view.