Can't get count right

I’m stuck on the homework assignment, I run a query that got me 9 results but after investigating thru the forum I find out I had to change the $or to $in put I can’t seem to figure it out. below is the query I’m running.
A little help would be much appriciated thanks.
“imdb.rating”: {"$gte":7},
“languages”: [“English”,“Japanese”],
$nor: [ { “genres”: “Crime”}, {“genres”:“Horror”} ],
{“rated”: { “$in”: [“G”, “PG”]}},{"_id":0,“imdb.rating”:1,“rated”:1,“languages”:1,“genres”:1})

The colon : is an exact match operator and will only find arrays exactly equals to [ English , Japanese ]. It will not match [ Japanese , English ] and will not match [ English , Japanese , French ]. Refer to

for more information.

Thanks, steevej-1495 and the $in syntax is it the normal $in or the aggregation $in syntax I should use?

The same as the one you used for rated.