Can't get any "active mongoses"

Not sure what’s wrong, probably something simple and evident but I’ve been blocked on it for a while now: as shown below, in the output of my “sh.status()” command below, the “shards:” and “active mongoses” lines (in bold below) appear empty. I would expect to see some active process there … correct? Any hint? Thanks.

mongos> sh.status()
— Sharding Status —
sharding version: {
“_id” : 1,
“minCompatibleVersion” : 5,
“currentVersion” : 6,
“clusterId” : ObjectId(“5fbade4ad5b701334cbc5db7”)
active mongoses:
Currently enabled: yes
Currently enabled: yes
Currently running: no
Failed balancer rounds in last 5 attempts: 0
Migration Results for the last 24 hours:
No recent migrations
{ “_id” : “config”, “primary” : “config”, “partitioned” : true }

Have you run addShard step?
Please check again if anything missed
Which lab is this?

Yes, this occurrs before the addShard step, in the “Deploy a sharded cluster” lab (Chapter 3, M103).

Try with verbose on

Hi @Bertrand_Janne_d_Othee,

You should be able to see the count of active mongoses after adding the first shard.