Can't finish the basic course because of an error

I cannot finish the basic course because of this:

while going in the page it directs me, it drops an error (I can’t losing with the IDE and I’m using MongoDB on my laptop)
is there Any chance to bypass this?

I really need to resolve this in order to move forward to the next step

You have one unfinished task-connect to cluster
Connect to your cluster from IDE and while connected run test result

I can’t

“(I can’t login with the IDE and I’m using MongoDB on my laptop)
is there Any chance to bypass this?”

Why cannot you login to your IDE?
What happens when you click the pending task?
IDE is browser based.You should be able to connect
Working on your locally installed mongodb is fine but you have to complete the labs/exercises from IDE only
I don’t think you can bypass it.Just have to wait till course end date and the task will be considered as incomplete/failed
You may lose few grade points
Mongodb staff can help you more on this

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I’m using the basic mongoDB user as provided with the first steps and the password, somehow it’s not working
Tried to manipulate it with writing the username/copy and paste by the right-click, still cannot finish this one

Please show a screenshot
Prepare your connect string in a notepad and paste it in terminal area
What error are you getting?

Hi @Liron_Moskovich,

Welcome to the MongoDB University forums :sparkles:

I guess your issue is resolved now and here is the link to your Proof of Completing Certificate: POC

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav

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@Kushagra_Kesav , Indeed, thanks for the assistance!


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