Can't find "Schema" tab

I only have Documents, Aggregations, Explain Plan, and Indexes. No “Schema”. The version of Compass is 1.18.0

Hi @Victoria_91811,

It seems that you have downloaded the wrong version of the compass. kindly make sure you have downloaded the correct version of the compass 1.18.0 (Stable) as shown in the screenshot below.

Tried changing to Community version. No luck.
And of course I have Stable version.

Just fyi: The Community Edition is the one you do not want.

OK, I deleted/uninstalled all of them compasses. Then downloaded the last stable non-community one. And the tab is now showing. In a different place (it’s the third tab, not the first), but there it is!
Thanks everyone.


I’m sorry…tab is here… 'Problem Level 8 ’ :wink:

Hello! Sorry, but where is it? i see it when a first time opened compass, but now i can’t

It will be there
Choose a database then select a collection


Thanks! it was here really