Can't find schema in compass

In the course video, it shows the schema when connecting to video.movies.
I followed the instruction to connect and don’t find the schema view. I am using Mongo Compass Community 1.13.1.

I am using the latest version 1.15.4 (Stable) and everything looks fine. Would be a good idea to try upgrade your version. You can try :slight_smile:

Thank you.
It’s not caused by version number. It’s the difference between Compass and compass community.

After I installed the Compass, it works.
Thank you.


You’re saying the compass community edition lacked the schema view? That’s what i’m experiencing now.

Hi Everyone,

You need to download Compass Stable version i.e 1.15.4

Thanks, Kanika

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Hello, I have mongodb community version installed on my windows 10 laptop, however I downloaded Compass but unable to install it on the same laptop. Please, what’s the cause of the problem?


Please paste the error you are seeing when installing Compass. Requirement is 64-bit system.

And make sure you install Stable version and latest is 1.16.3


Hello @Kanika, I was able to resolve the error.

Thank You.

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