Can't find a table mapping for namespace yadda.Person

I created a collection called Person on a database called yadda and generated a gql schema / server based on some bson that i wrote for that collection. I managed to execute queries on the gql page in the web ui of atlas for this collection. I can write into the collection through a graphql mutation and read from it too. But only on the atlas web ui.

However a problem occurs when I use an external client to post a query to the graphql endpoint instead of using the web ui. When I execute a gql introspection query like asking the endpoint for the __schema this succeeds and I get a reply. However when I query actual data through gql I always get this error here:

This person here seems to have the same problem: MongoDB Realm Functions on React Native

When i post an introspection query exactly the same way with an external gql client, then it succeeds.

It allow all read and write operations on that collection without any conditions.

My bson schema had no dedicated field for _id . The schema validation of atlas shows no error when saving this. But it then still fails to generate a valid graphql server out of it. The error message here could be a bit more helpful :slight_smile: