Can't download proof of completion

I finished the course successfully with 87%.

On the current courses page I have this screen:

When I click on “proof of completion” link nothing happens!

Please help I need this proof of completion as soon as possible.

Looking into it :slight_smile:


I impersonated your account and I can download the proof of completion.
Can you try from a different browser?


Hacker alert! :computer: :space_invader: :female_detective:

Yes. You are right Kanika.

I can now see my certification and I think this part of the page changed also:


I did not change the browser or do anything different from the last time.
It looks like you somehow triggered my course completion which was stuck in half the first time.
Hope this helps you to find out what the actual problem was.

Thank you very much for the effort and quick responses Kanika.

Kind Regards,

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Glad you got it! :slight_smile: Thanks for notifying the issue.