Can't download certificate

I have completed the course, but it is not showing in my “Completed Courses” section. Most importantly, I can’t download the certificate. When I click the Download button nothing happens.

I got around 85%. For time issues, I failed to submit only one lab solution. Is that any problem? How do I get the certificate now?

We are aware of the issue and we are fixing it.

For the meantime, wait for the course to complete, then you will be able to download the certificate.

The issue has been fixed. Please check and let me know.


Yes, I was able to download the certificate. Although, the course is not listed in my ‘Completed Courses’ section

It will be after Due date. :slight_smile:



I’m unable to download certificate. how can I do this please.

i have the same problem

Hi @Kanika

Please help, I am unable to see certificate to download, I got 83% scores in M001 basics exam.
ScreenShot attached

i have the same problem

Hi Everyone,

Please use dashboard and download you exam completion form. Click Download completion confirmation.

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I have completed my final exam. But I didn’t see my result.

Let me know, how to check my result.

Please refresh the page
Go to overview page
You can see the latest status
Click on download confirmation
You can even download certificate by click print–>save as pdf

I am not seeing download confirmation button.

I am not sure why you are not seeing
What does your overview page say?
It depends on final result

  • To have success with a MongoUniversity training you will need a final score of 65%.
  • The final score is made from your labs and your exam questions.
  • Your labs count as half. The questions count as the other half. The average must be >65%.

Hi @Senthilnathan_36805,

Exam Grade release date is 14 March 17:00 UTC. Please check then. :slight_smile:



Could you help me please. I am unable to download the certificate. I could not complete the last question in the exam as time lapsed. But I passed the exam with 83%.


Hi @sivamallika_15474,

Please allow me some time to check this issue.
I will let you know as soon as I get any update on it.

Please let me know, if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,

Hi @sivamallika_15474,

You can now go to the “Current Courses” section and download your Course Completion Certificate by clicking on “Download your proof of Completion” in the MongoDB University website.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


hi Sonali,

Thank you very much for sorting this out. I am able to view the certificate now.

Kind Regards,