Can't create user on Atlas Cluster

I can’t create a user on my Atlas Cluster.

I get

Error: couldn't add user: CMD_NOT_ALLOWED: createUser :

I don’t seem to have any access to the admin databases on my Atlas account, neither cluster.

MongoDB Enterprise atlas-11dluf-shard-0:PRIMARY> use admin
switched to db admin
MongoDB Enterprise atlas-11dluf-shard-0:PRIMARY> show collections
MongoDB Enterprise atlas-11dluf-shard-0:PRIMARY> 

Debugging Atlas … sigh.

I see … apparently I can’t createUser() I just have to assign a user at cluster creation time, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to create more than one.

Wait wait wait! :slight_smile: Login to atlas cluster, on left side, there is a link “Database Access”, you can add users from there.

I am online now, let me know if any step is unclear, we will help you out.


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I have the same issue here, i want to programmatically add users to databse using nodejs
db.addUser(dblogin, dbpassword, { roles: [ ‘readWrite’ ], db: dbname }

user connected with atlas admin privilege
please help !

notice it was perfectly working with onpremise mongodb service running

You cannot create user for Atlas cluster.

You must use the gui or the Atlas API.