Can't connect to my database

I’m new to mongodb. I’m trying to connect to my database by using shell with this command
mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username myth
but its not working.need help.Thanks

What error are you getting?
Did you pass --password option

Hi @myth_saziv,

What error or message do you get when trying to connect?

Have you whitelisted your connection IP address in Atlas?

Also, what specific version of the mongo shell are you using (as reported by mongo --version?


Thanks.nope i didn’t get that option to pass password .i am getting this error

Thanks.i whitelisted my connection ip address.and i am getting this error white trying to connect and version of shell is 4.2.6.

You are already at mongo prompt (>)
Please exit/quit and try from your os command prompt


Thanks… it worked.