Can't connect to db with Compass


Opening db in terminal works just fine, but for more complex queries I wanted to use Compass.

However, I can’t connect with it, this is the message I get:

“An error occurred while loading navigation: there are no users authenticated”

As for parameters, I copied connection instrucions in clipboard, and Compass recognized instructions.

Using the correct username and password should help. It’s not the same as the shell login
user is m121 and pw is aggregations.
I use it with srv record disabled, port 27017 and just username,password login.

From there you’ll want the aggregations db and the movies collection

Hi @Dragan_79652,

You can also connect to the Class Atlas Cluster mentioned in m001 to access aggregation database in Compass. Following are the parameters you need to connect to the Class Cluster:

You can use any of the following username/password combinations:
Username: m001-student
Password: m001-mongodb-basics
Username: m121
Password: aggregations

Also, previously few users have tried to reinstall Compass to resolve this issue.
Please share the screenshot of the Compass Connection parameters that you are using, if you still face the same issue.

Let me know, if you have any questions.