Cannot run pytest -m connection


I am trying to execute the command : pytest -m connection and I am getting the following error. I am not understanding whats the issue.

Following are the contents of my .ini file

Can you please help me here.

Any reasons why you named your virtual environment mongo rather than mflix like instructed?

Is there any other steps you did not follow?

Post a screenshot of running the command dir.

Hi, I named the virtual env mflix, configure the .ini file with mflix uri, follow the steps of the chapter and got the same error. It seems like fixture(‘config’) is not present in any of the .py files . Then is not possible to continue with the tests.
Same problem happend with the Web App, starts ok but never connect.
Can anybody help ?
Thanks, a lot.

Hi @Leonardo_Nigro - welcome to the forums!

Firstly, could you open a new post rather than posting to older posts as it means your question may not be seen for a longer period of time and likely will not get the same level of attention plus help as a fresh topic.

In terms of your actual issue, it’s very difficult to determine what is the issue without some additional information. Can you open a new topic include screenshots of the terminal screen, the .ini file, and a listing of the directory from the terminal to help us better understand your specific context. This will allow us to better determine what exactly might be the cause and what you can then do to resolve the issue(s).