Cannot pass `File` objects to functions

I created an Atlas function that has a parameter named myFile. I want to pass a File object to the function, for example:

File { name: "example-domain2.htm", lastModified: 1661232406730, webkitRelativePath: "", size: 996, type: "text/html" }

However, I got an error and got confused when I saw that in the logs the function had received the argument as an Object:

      "name": "example-domain2.htm",
      "lastModified": 1661232406730,
      "webkitRelativePath": "",
      "size": 996,
      "type": "text/html"

I followed some guides for uploading files to Amazon S3 buckets with Atlas functions, but I got stuck at this part. How can I fix this so that the function receives the File object as an argument?