Cannot open new tab without { status: 404, message: "Document Not Found" }

I like to have multiple tabs open when I’m working in MongoDB whether it’s opening functions, or checking the logs, or looking at users, etc.

As long as I’m operating in one tab everything seems to work fine. However when I open a new tab I get the following error:

If I don’t login a second time I cannot use the new tab. I’ve tried resetting my ips (I allow all including my own) and I’ve even tried using Sync by turning it on and off although I don’t normally use Sync.

For clarity - are you referring to the MongoDB Console web site?

Yes, specifically in App Services, but also basically anywhere else in the console. It happens in Data Services as well.

Or “MongoDB Atlas” if you want me to use proper nomenclature.

Maybe it is just App Services where this happens. I’m not sure at this point.

As a test, I logged into the MongoDB Console here

MongoDB Console Login

Once logged in I selected App Services and opened it in a new tab.

From there, I selected an app and opened that in a new tab

I then went back to the original Console tab and opened 4 more random tabs

On each tab, I then interacted with the content.

I performed these steps on two different Macs as well as on an iPad.

Everything worked as expected.

macOS 14.2.1, Safari 17.2.1

Just for kicks, I did the same process using Firefox with the same result - everything worked as expected.

So perhaps it’s an environmental issue - maybe some Malware protection app or security setting in your browser?

No, it’s a VPN issue. When you use a VPN and turn it on and off and then try to get back to normal this happens. It’s likely something to do with ip addresses.

In the past when this happened I would turn Sync on and off, reset the ips, and restart my computer and it would fix it. At other times the problem would magically disappear after a few hours. This may be the first time it’s lasted over a day.

But I never signed in to Atlas when using the VPN.

Okay I can confirm that the issue does not occur in Chrome. I signed in and went to App Services went to my app then right clicked on functions and opened a new tab without an error occurring. The issue, however, remained in FireFox.

And yes I’ve completely cleared my history, cookies, etc. in FireFox before attempting to sign in. I never implemented any kind of new security in my browser before any of this happened.

and then

I would understand the issue when using VPN services since the IP address could be changing or hidden. But it’s not clear if you’re using VPN or not. Either way, turning a VPN off and on could certainly cause the issue being described.

It seems to be something outside of the console so I don’t think it’s a MongoDB console related issue.

Yeah, okay. But I don’t have the issue visiting any other pages on the web.

I don’t use a VPN when I’m using Atlas.

I use Windows 8.1. Maybe this has nothing to do with using a VPN at all. Oh well. I guess just use Chrome. I usually like to do my work in FireFox and view my application in Chrome.

I uninstalled FireFox and did a complete reinstall. I use the ESR version because I’m on Windows 8.1. The problem remained. I don’t think a setting in FireFox is the issue.

I found a way to avoid logging in again in the new tab although it’s still a little inconvenient. If you open a new tab by right clicking on the Functions option in App Services there’s the error as usual. But in that new tab if you click back on Data Services then go back to App Services and select your app then you can open your functions.

But you if you open a third tab from there without repeating this process the problem still remains.

Also switching Projects then going back to the original project will get rid the error in the current tab in similar fashion to the above.

I got rid of the error temporarily. I signed in to my VPN about 3 days ago. The first thing I did before opening any new tabs was delete my current IP settings in the Network Access tab. After they were reset (access from anywhere and no longer pending) I was able to open a new tab. Today I’m at the airport waiting for a flight. I signed in with Boingo the airport’s WiFi. This time I did not reset my IP settings but went right to work. When I tried to open a new tab the error surfaced again. I thought maybe the trick was to delete and reset the IP settings in the Network Access tab before opening a new tab. But this provied fruitless. It seems you just need to wait a certain number of hours or days for it to correct itself.

Okay one final thought. If you’re idle for a long enough time Atlas will automatically sign you out. If you log in after MongoDB signs you out it seems the error will vanish. So I don’t think there is anyway to solve this issue by taking immediate action. Just like in the movie Office Space we fixed the glitch and it will just work itself out naturally.

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