Cannot get Compass to connect to sandbox Atlas cluster

Can’t connect to sandbox cluster in Atlas via most current version of Compass on Windows 10. Getting following error: “getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

But…I can connect to the cluster via the mongo shell just fine. Trying to ping “” yields “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again”.

From the same Windows machine or not?

This is normal as the address is not an host address but a cluster address. In your Atlas cluster you will find the host that are members of your replica set. You can also find it using DNS query.

Can you post a screenshot that shows how you try to connect with Compass?

Yes. I can connect to the cluster via the mongo shell but not via Compass on the same Windows 10 machine.

Compass just sits here and never comes back…

Try to connect with the standard (I would say old style) connection string.

What is the standard connection string format? I used the connection string provided by Atlas specifically for Compass.

Have you whitelisted your IP?
Make sure firewall or some other program is not blocking
What is the version of your Compass?Use stable version

Choose the second option and try ( i am using Compass x.xx or earlier)

Connect with Compass

  • Choose Compass version
  • Copy the string

There is also another option of filling individual fields

Yes, IP address has been whitelisted and have no issues connecting to cluster from same machine via the MongoDB shell. And I am running the latest stable version of Compass - 1.24.1.

Using the Compass connection string from Atlas when selecting the version “1.11 or earlier” seems to work. But the “1.12 or later” option (the supposed correct option) does not.

So, I can get connected now using the older connection string option. But this looks like some sort of issue with Compass that will most likely cause issues for quite a few people. You all may want to look into it.

Thank you.

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