Cannot find 'RealmProperty' in scope


Ending session with error: failed to validate upload changesets: SET instruction had incorrect partition value for key “_partition” { expectedPartition: {6051e7da417a6f01bb8a3323}, foundPartition: } (ProtocolErrorCode=212)


[ “Session was active for: 0s” ]



Session Metrics:


Remote IP Address:


Realm Cocoa v10.7.2

Platform Version:

Version 14.4.1 (Build 18D61)

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@Muhammad_Awais Generally this means that the client is sending an object which has a different partitionKey value than the one used to open the realm. This is not allowed by the system and is also why we would recommend not setting the Realm Object partitionKey value yourself manually in code - to avoid these errors. You can leave the partitionKey out of your schema and the system will fill it in for you.

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