Cannot find mflix database on the local mongo terminal

Hello I am running the test case method MongoDatabaseInstance() from MongoClientLesson class but the test case fails at the statement
please help me
thank you

Most likely, you did not configured your application correctly.

I’m having the same issue. I think this is happening because the MongoDatabaseInstance() method from MongoClientLesson is looking for the “mflix” database, when in fact the name of the mflix database generated by “Load sample dataset” is “sample_mflix”.

Don’t you have to modify a configuration file to specify the URI and database name?

I’m not sure we’re supposed to modify the database name. As far as I can tell, the lectures instruct us to change the URI, but don’t mention anything about modifying the database name, which comes pre-configured as “sample_mflix” in the provided handouts. Nevertheless, I’ve tried changing it to “mflix” and the ConnectionTest suite started failing, with one of the error messages being “We can connect to MongoDB, but couldn’t find expected database.”. The same tests pass when the configured database name is “sample_mflix”, which seems to make sense, as “sample_mflix” is the name of the mflix database generated by the “Load sample defaults” action in the Atlas cluster.

For the next poor soul that gets here.
It appears at some point they changed the db name to "sample_mflix” from “mflix” but failed to update all of the lessons. You will need to sort this for yourself.