Cannot find labs


I am not able to find the labs. Are the questions the lab or are they different?

Vinamra Munot

Hey @Vinamra_97063

The Labs are found in the “Lessons” tab that the lectures are in on the left on the screen.
Normally on the left side you will see a list of either: Lecture, Quiz, or Lab, and something Ticket which is also a Lab.

Hope that helps


I don’t see anything other than the lesson. Am I on the wrong page?

Nope you are exactly where you need to be. Just on the left side there you will see in the long listing

Lab 1.1 - Install Compass and Connect
Lab 1.2 - Determine The Value Type, Part 1

Ps it looks like you have already completed them all! Great job! :clap:


Thank you so much. Apologizes for such a silly question and the confusion.