Cannot Enter Password upon Prompt in Local ID

I cannot enter my password while attempting to connect to my MongoDB Cluster using the IDE.

Please, advise.

Hi @Charles_Opuoro can you explain a little more about what’s going on? Depending on the tool used to connect to the database you might not see anything happen as you type in your password. If you use the mongo command as shown in the lab instructions, you won’t see anything as you type and that is normal as mentioned in the comment in your screenshot above the terminal:

This terminal is a Unix machine, which means that when you type the password in nothing will display . This is normal. Everything that you are typing is still being recognized by the terminal.

If you use the mongosh command that is provided if you go into Altas and click on the connect button next to your cluster, then you should see * symbols for each character you type.

From the screenshot you provide, it appears you’re using the mongo command. Type in your password and hit enter and you should connect.

Hi @Doug_Duncan good to see you again! Your Jul 16 appearance slipped under my radar.


I’m slowly easing myself back into the community.


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