Cannot continue in step 7 "Select Build a Cluster"

Just start learning MongoDB and following the Lab in Chapter 1.
After step 6 Create Project, it jump to a Database Deployments page.
And the next step: step 7. Select Build a Cluster. I searched the screen many many times, cannot find the option of “Build a Cluster”.
It seems that the lab content does not match with the current version of Altas, or some steps are missing.
May I know how I can proceed with the lab?

Click on build a database button.It will take you to deploy a cloud database page.Choose FREE shared (extreme right) then choose create button

I did what you mentioned above and it is asking me for my credit card information.

Hi @Aaron_Casillas,

Have you ensured you’ve selected the cluster tier has been set to M0? This is a free tier cluster and shouldn’t require any payment details:

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After created the “cluster”, it will be called as “databases” in the UI, while the tutorial still using the old UI calling cluster. That really confusing the tutorial using the term “cluster”, while the UI does not have cluster anymore, and we don’t know what other things has been changed also.

This is the basic course M001 for newbies, how can we expect a newbie know what has been changed in the system? It’d be better if it can ensure the tutorial do match with the current design.

I figured out what I was doing! Thanks for the reply!!