Cannot connect via Compass (OSX)

Both Primary Preferred and Secondary Preferred choices give me errors and prevents me from successfully connecting.

According to the port testing, I’m apparently all good there:

Outgoing port tester

This server listens on all TCP ports, allowing you to test any outbound TCP port.

You have reached this page on port 27017 .

Your network allows you to use this port. (Assuming that your network is not doing advanced traffic filtering.)

HI Ryan_05848,

Please ensure the following:

  1. Make sure it is MongoDB Compass Stable version i.e 1.15.4
  2. Ensure that you have written all the parameter names correctly. No whitespace should be trailing in the cluster name.
  3. Try to switch off SRV Record (incase it was switched on)
    If the above points don’t resolve your issue, then quit Compass, klll The MongoDB GUI process and start Compass. Ensure all the above points are met and connect.

If the above step still does not solve your problem, then please follow the above point of quitting Compass, killing the process and re-install Compass.

Let me know if it still doesn’t work.


I have a lot of problems with connection to server then I don´t can follow labs. The screen show failed connection to host and port.

Would you help me about this technical problem?

Hi Caro_96076,

Using latest version of Compass i.e 1.16.1 (stable) and restarting Compass mostly solves the issue. Make sure you have 27017 port open and you can ping

Please take a look at this post for troubleshooting connection problem with Compass.
It has mentioned every step that need to be checked if you are having connection problem.