Cannot Connect to Cluster

Hello Everyone,

I’m new in MongoBD Context and cannot connect to cluster… I received Authentication failed but I enter correct username and password…

please help me to connect to cluster

thanks & regards

Which part of the course are you at? Which step, chapter, quiz or lab?
Which method are you trying to connect with? Which settings are you using?
What did you do before trying to connect?

Etc… We’ll need some more explanation in order to help you troubleshoot.

I am having the same issue, I get authentication failed when I try to connect to Mongo DB compass

Can you check exactly that you’ve input the correct user and password?

Also ensure that the Replica has the correct name, it’s case sensitive.

But yet again, at this part of the training are you? Which specific class, quiz or lab? The point is that you’ll be connecting to at least two or three different clusters during this course. So please provide specifics.

With regards to wording: you don’t connecto “to Compass”, you connect “with Compass”. Compass is the graphical tool to explore Mongo databases with. It is used to connect to a cluster.

Nevermind… I figured it out. The password had - before basics.

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