Cannot complete course


I finished watching all the chapters and, in the conclusion, because there are no graded assignments, my grade is 0%. Therefore i cannot finish the course. This is a bug, right? Or did i do something wrong?

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Hey @Andre_14035

Where you able to complete the 8 Homework assignments?

@natac13 Yes. Got them all correct also

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Hi I reported is like a bug as well.
I think because there are no graded tasks comparing to other courses I took. Causing that it is 0 percent graded result so FAIL. I think I have the same issue everything is done, course is still open and Conclusion is FAIL and take it next time, which is obviously bug.

Also no certificate of completion, but I guess it is the same issue.

Ill report back when I finish the course. If things are different for myself.

Hopefully it gets figured out before then for you.

well, it is just annoying thing that’s it but it would be batter to be fixed otherwise course was awesome

Confirming that after completing the course in its entirety, the last page rewards us with:

Oh no!

Unfortunately, you did not achieve the grade necessary to receive a certificate of completion. Try again by retaking the course in the next session!

Your Final Grade:



[Retake the Course]


Same here. There are no graded assignments but it said failed at he end

I am sure this issue will get fixed by the staff at MongoDB U.

However, at least for me, the important part is to understand and retain the information; not so much the piece of paper one gets at the end.

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Hi there.

We are looking into this issue and will report back once we have an update.

Thanks for reporting it.


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Our platform team have reported that this issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you have any further issues.

@natac13 I am getting same issue.
I have completed all chapters with quiz but course is still open and not able to get completion message.

Hey @Rajeev_51466

Yeah I see that as well. It seems they just removed the Conculsion section. Maybe they choose this path since there are no graded assignments and therefore no reason to give out a completion notice… I am not :100: sure.

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Yes they have removed the Conclusion, but it is still not solved as we complained that the course is not closed :smiley:
And now it is still open and I have new courses since today and it is mixed with new courses as it is not closed :smiley:

Imho not solved

@barryoneill I have completed all chapters, but there is no course completion message or certificate. Is it issue on portal or it will be like that?

It does not look like there is a Certificate at the moment. Perhaps they are not including it in a course that just has videos to watch…

Hello all,

There are no graded assignments in this course, so we are not offering a certificate of completion for M042 at the moment.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


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I think we are all complaining about the fact that it looks like open course not about the certificate of the completion.

I think they all remain open for a bit after you finish the course. Especially if you have completed before the deadline

All good things come to those who wait.