Cannot access online material

Looking at the MongoDB University web page I see the next chapter of M103 is unlocked (chapter 2 - Basic replication concepts and replica set administration) , but I don’t know how to access it. The chapter does not show in the dropdown listbox of chapters.

I have successfully completed chapter 0, and chapter 1.

How to get the unlocked material before time runs out on December 11th?

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Have the same problem. I’ll wait for the answer here.

Just above the box where you select chapter you have timer ‘Chapter Labs due:’. When this timer reaches zero, new chapter should be available.

Then I suppose there is no way to have it before Nov 27, 17:00 UTC.

Syllabus page says that deadline for chapter 2 is Dec 11, 17:00 UTC, and for relased it is ‘Unlocked’ and it is not a date like for other chapters.
I am a little confused now.

Hi Malthion,

Let me follow up with the team. There is nothing to worry about though!
Most likely next Chapter will be accessible to you after 27 Nov 17:00 UTC.


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same here.
Thanks @Kanika I’ll delay the worry to the 27th then.