Can you pls give correct link for the Charlie Swanson's page that decipher's explain output

I see following link

but that link has one para in it. nothing more.

may be it is me but i also logged in and still it doesn’t give me more detailed info. below is the para i see which is not much of deciphering…


Deciphering .explain() Output

June 28, 2016

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MongoDB provides the db.collection.explain() method, the cursor.explain() method, and the explain command to return information on query plans and execution statistics of the query plans. This is a useful tool to use for analyzing individual query performance in the shell. In this session we will analyze explain output for query and aggregation. You will learn how to read an explain plan and understand how this information can be used in performance tuning.

Hey @Samir_29862 I see just that paragraph too. I did a search and found the slides for this presentation, I don’t know if that will be of much use but here it is. Maybe the Curriculum Support Engineer for this course would be able to help.

But if there’s something specific you would like to know, please post your questions and as usual, you can also search the forum.