Can we set w:0 & journaling to false?

Can we set w:0 & Journaling to false?How that will help to reduce speed

Hi @Santhosh_V,

Depending on your deployment type and the importance of your data, both are available options that may trade some write latency for increased risks around data durability and crash recovery (which is the purpose of the journal). The impact on write throughput will depend on your use case and deployment resources, so you will have to test with a representative environment and workload.

However, before taking either measure it would be best to discuss more details about your use case including deployment type (standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster), MongoDB server version, and the performance issue or concern you are trying to address.

Journaling cannot be disabled for replica sets using the WiredTiger storage engine and modern versions of MongoDB. Turning off this safety feature on a standalone server will expose you to unclean shutdown scenarios which may require recovery from a backup. I would not recommend this approach unless your data is ephemeral or this is not a system of record and data can be easily reingested from another source.


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