Can´t put curly brackets from my keyboard into the IDE {}

I do not know why the IDE does not recognise the curly brackets of my keyboard. Has someone experiencied the same problem? At the moment I am pasting them inside the IDE…

I think you meant can’t in the subject

What command are you trying to run
Please show the screenshot

As you can see in this screenshot when I try to put curly brackets into the integrated terminal the input is different that in the text editor. I end up having to copy and paste them into the terminal. I would apprecciate any help. Kind regards

Hi @Lluis_Semper,

This is a very strange behavior. What type of keyboard or keyboard layout are you using?

I am using a lenovo laptop with ubuntu 20.04 . The layout of the keyboard is Spanish with ñ and ç character. I never had a problem before. I have realized that If I connect another keyboard that I have it works fine.

Hi @Lluis_Semper,

Thanks for surfacing this issue. We will look into it and see if we can fix it.

~ Shubham