Can someone help me conver this aggregation to C#?

Can somebody help me convert this aggregation(that i created using the mongodb for vscode extension)
to C# code? I don’t know how to use the conversion that the extension generates, if thats easier and someone can help me how to use it properly i’ll be grateful

Here’s the aggregation im trying to use on C#

Did you see this post and link to the C# builder library?

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Didn’t found it before, thanks!
I’ll give it a try

Marcus is correct. Your best bet right now is to use David Golub’s Atlas Search NuGet package. That will give you a better development experience than using JSON/BSON stages as demonstrated in our driver documentation here.

Note that we are currently merging David Golub’s work into the core driver and it will be released in an upcoming version. Please follow CSHARP-3437 for details.


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Ok, thanks you guys for the fast reply and for the help!
Im gonna check the Atlas Search package and give it a try.

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