Can realm sync ignore schema relationships?

I connect to an Atlas Realm app from both a mobile app (via realm sync) and a web app (via graphQL). The web app necessitates relationships to be added to the schema. However, I read that realm sync does not work with relationships spanning across different realms (which is the case is my schema).

The only way around I have found so far is to create 2 distinct Realm apps on Atlas: one for the web app to connect to (which has relationships), and one for the mobile app (without relationships, simply querying objectIDs). However, this isn’t very handy because I have to manage 2 Realm apps simultaneously (manage app users, schema changes etc). In an ideal world, I would like to have only one Realm app.

Is there a way to make realm sync ignore the schema relationships that I have put in place for my web app as those relationships span different realms?

Thanks in advance!