Can not complete class

I completed all assignments but it says I only finished 25 of 26. But the last page as no kind of continue or next button

Mine last page has no continue or next buttons neither, however, it shows 26/26. Check that you’re done with all quizzes/labs, maybe there is one you’ve missed.

Hi All,

The next Chapter will start from next Tuesday and you can always check your Overview page for all the details about Start/End date.


Hi, may be you missed some quiz. Even I didn’t see anything like next topic etc after JSON Quiz, but it shows 26/26 completed.

Dear Kanikasingla:
The overview of my Chapter 1: Introduction shows 26 of 26 Items Completed,
Does that mean I have passed the first chapter? I received email said “Your assignments are due soon”, but can’t find any pending items.

It means you have completed the first chapter successfully
As Kanika mentioned above you have to wait till the next chapter opens
The message you get in mail is a kind of reminder to complete the assignments before the due date.
If they are already completed you can ignore the message

Thanks for the answer!
now I am waiting for next section.