Can MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances be used with Realm Apps?

I activated a MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instance, but it is not shown as available when trying to add it as a Data Source from the Realm app (via Manage > Linked Data Sources). - Well, maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

If these are not available yet due to the preview status, will they be available for Realm in the future?


You’re correct that it isn’t possible in this preview release, but it will be supported in the future.

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Hi there Andrew, is there an expected time for this feature to be available and would be easy to migrate from the current (shared or dedicated) cluster to serverless.

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I reached this phase as well.

  1. Any timeline (at least tentative) on the serverless preview phase?
  2. Once it’s available, will there be a (easy) migration from shared/dedicated clusters to the serverless one?
  3. If a realm app si currently linked to a shared (or dedicated) cluster, can it be relinked to a another cluster? (I assume the client reset can’t be avoided)

Any updates ? I want to use Altas Serverless with MongoDB Realm as well!

Sorry, I don’t know when Realm support for Serverless will be. Others on here might.

Thanks for your reply. Hope someone can tell me more about it…! Waiting patiently

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@Andrew_Morgan any update on this?

I just tried it, and yes, you can connect a Realm app to a serverless Atlas cluster.

Hi Andrew,

I just tried to connect a realm app to my brand new serverless cluster (only one db, one collection, one document) an it seams that I cant connect those do you have any idea why?