Can I use Realm Sync with Serverless Atlas

I am a little bit confused. Realm Sync is a serverless app right? But this page says serverless Atlas does not support MongoDB Realm. So why is Realm Sync serverless?

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This is correct, Realm Sync is not available with Serverless Atlas at this time.



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The general serverless computing approach is that resources are billed based on consumption (requests, compute time, data transfer, data storage, …) rather than a fixed resource commitment for a “server” (for example, an allocation of GBs of RAM or storage).

MongoDB Realm billing is based on Realm Requests, Realm Compile, Realm Sync, and Realm Transfer usage. There is no Realm server sizing specific to MongoDB Realm apps: they use a serverless approach. MongoDB Realm also includes support for server-side logic with application services like Functions and Triggers.

However, the associated database resources are currently provided by a linked MongoDB Atlas cluster which will have an associated cluster tier for memory, storage, and IOPS resources. Dedicated Atlas clusters have some elasticity with features like Cluster Auto-Scaling, but that is still based on tiers and resource allocations.

MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances were introduced in a Preview release in July 2021, and bring serverless database instances to MongoDB Atlas. Since Serverless instances are still in Preview release, they do not support all Atlas features yet but are evolving with successive releases and customer feedback. Please refer to the Serverless Instance Limitations documentation for more details on capabilities that are not yet supported as well as those that are coming soon.


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