Can i use my MongoDB 3.2 installation for this course?


A few weeks ago I completed M101JS and for that course I installed a MongoDb 3.2 version.

Can I follow this course using that version or is a must to install the MongoDB Enterprise 3.4 as requested in Lab1.1?

Thanks in advanced.

Hey Alberto,

I was in a similar situation, I simply uninstalled the community version and installed enterprise pointing at the same data and log folders and I’ve got everything I had previously. I’ve not seen anything yet that would suggest that we do need Enterprise but it’s early days in the course and I expect that we will end up using something in Enterprise…


@ AlbertoAtx

You can use either the Community or EE versions for this course, and (as best I can remember) there’s nothing here that requires a later version. I do recommend that you at least review the changes in 3.4 and later however, and see if there are any new features that would be useful. If so, you can also use a later version for the course.

Personally, I use at least 3.4 as it has some very useful new command line options for mongorestore (--dryRun, and --nsInclude etc.) which I find very helpful. Just a recommendation however. :wink:

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