Can I use MongoDBCompass for M121 Labs?

I’m just curious is there anyway to use MongoDBCompass instead of shell since the in-browser IDE is no long available.

I would also suggest the administration of M121 Labs to remind students that commands taught in the course ONLY works with MongoDB Enterprise and they should NOT use MongoDB Community edition.

Most likely you can. You should start trying to use it and if you reach any hurdle just come back here and someone will help.

Was there any in browser IDE for M121? As far as I remember, the in-browser IDE was introduce in beginner’s courses as a way to reduce the initial hurdle of having to install any software.

All commands shown and explained in M121 works the same enterprise or community edition.

What did you find that does not work?


There’s no in-browser IDE for M121. We do have in-browser IDE for M001 and M103 though.

I was trying to load(“validateLab2”) with the Community Edition but the screen just stop there and nothing changes.

Gratefully I switched to the Enterprise Edition and found out that the command actually works.

I suspect that your issue is related to the fact that you run validateLab2() while connected to a local instance of mongod rather than the shared Atlas cluster that you are supposed to use for M121.

Please refer to Chapter 0: Introduction and Aggregation Concepts - Atlas Requirement to make sure you are using the appropriate data set.

If not connected to the appropriate data set, you might end up with an infinite loop in the validation script.

Hi Henry,

This should not be the case. Can you please share the command that didn’t work in Community Edition?

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer


As shown in the screenshot from the Community Edition. Could be caused by an issue from my end, uncertain.

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