Can I have 100% discount if I am recently passed out

I am wondering if I am eligible for a 100% discount on the MongoDB DBA certification exam since I am a recent graduate and unable to afford the expenses.

As a recent graduate, I am interested in pursuing the MongoDB DBA certification to improve my skills and increase my employability in the field of database management. However, the cost of the certification exam may be a barrier for me due to my current financial situation. Therefore, I am inquiring about the possibility of receiving a full discount on the exam.

I understand that the availability of discounts and incentives may vary depending on factors such as the policies of MongoDB and other organizations. I am hoping to receive clarification on the eligibility requirements for such discounts and any necessary documentation that may need to be provided to prove my recent graduation and financial hardship.

Receiving a discount on the certification exam would greatly assist me in achieving my career goals and improving my financial situation. It would also provide me with valuable skills and knowledge in the field of database management, making me a competitive candidate for future job opportunities.

In addition to seeking financial assistance for the certification exam, I am also exploring other ways to improve my skills and knowledge in the field of database management, such as online courses and self-study. I am committed to pursuing all available options to achieve my career goals and improve my financial situation.

Hey @Zinkal_Desai,

Please email our MongoDB certification team at They will be happy to help you out.


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