Can I continue with the training if I fail last lab 2.6 due to missing deadline

I love the M001 basics training. I believe the Introduction says it is self-paced course. I missed the last lab 2.6 of Chapter 2 as the course cluster is not accessible from work. And I didn’t find time at home. Also, the mobile app doesn’t have a way to answer the question for the lab 2.6. Due to this I missed the deadline.

Will I be able to continue with Chapter 3 and so on? Or is this the end as I failed one lab!
Eitherway please respond to my query.

Yes you can continue
You can see start end dates for each week(whole course divided into 3 sets)
Try to complete labs within the deadlines.You will get a mail also in case you have not completed the labs before due date

this happen to me too, is there another chance, you can retake the lab test ?

You cannot retake lab from previous week(if due date is over)
However you can continue with the course

thanks for the info.