Can I access Atlas Cloud data without syncing the data first through the Realm SDK?

So after some research on how to access the cloud atlas database from a cilent application in Flutter, I found an unofficial package flutter_mongodb-realm.

The package uses the deprecated MongoDb Stitch API to access Atlas Cloud data remotely online - which I didn’t know existed until I came across this package. Apparently it has been replaced by the Realm API.

So, why then can I not find an obvious answer on how I can access the remote data without first syncing to Atlas Cloud Sync?

I’m looking for a way to sync user data, but I also need a way for the user to access “public” or other user’s data on the cloud without having to sync the realms.

Seems like the Atlas Data API is the only way around this currently.

Is there a future plan for the Realm SDK to bring back the ability to query the Cloud database remotely without syncing first?

What’s your coding platform?

The coding platform is Dart / Flutter.