Can courses like 220p and 220J be taken twice?

I am a Python developer but as I get into nodeJS and Express, those are Javascript based so I’d like to take the developer app course at least twice. Is that allowed?

Hi @nathan_Turner

All of the courses in MongoDB University are free and you can take them as often as you would like. You may need to unenroll and re-enroll for any specific course to ‘clear’ your previous course. There is no limitation with taking one or multiple of the M220 courses.

Good luck with taking both M220P and M220JS! I’d suggest you might find it easier to do M220P first given you have familiarity with Python and the same concepts in terms of MongoDB will be taught in M220JS so by taking it second, you should be able to more easily focus on learning the new content around NodeJS and Express.

If you want to learn about NodeJS, Express, and Atlas - we recently partnered with FreeCodeCamp to help them produce a new tutorial on this topic. You can check it out at

Good luck with your learning!

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That’s great! Thank you for the resources as well, I’ve been looking for ways to learn Thats stuff, and my Googles haven’t shown me much.

I was planning on starting with Python to get a good handle on the interface/API side, then Java will be even more clear as I work through that.

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