Can a replica set have even number of members

Hi Team,

Can we add a secondary to a 3 node replica set(PSA). The secondary will be having priority: 0, votes: 0.

The thing is that we want to add secondary , test it a few days and remove arbiter later once all set.

Finally we will update priority and votes of newly added secondary.

Is this config valid or does it cause any issue to the existing configuration.

{“Thanks and Regards”, “Satya”}

Yes you can.

But you may want to check out how priority/vote settings can affect your majority writes. (This is important given you also have an arbiter).

Hi @Kobe_W ,

Thanks for the update.

What if it is a backing database such as appdb or oplog store.

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Hi ,

Could someone please check the above and answer it.

{“Thanks and Regards”, “Satya”}