Calling Javascript function from pymongo

Hi Folks ,

I have a function

  function getStudentSequence(sequenceName) {
        var result = db.short_counter.findAndModify(
          query: { _id: sequenceName },
          update: { $inc: { seq: 1 } },
          new: true
        return result.seq;

I am able to execute this function with mongo shell like this

              _id: getStudentSequence("rollNo"),
              long_url: ""

I would like to execute the same using pymongo from jupyter notebook.

please advice

Why not? I just converted JavaScript to Python function, and it works for me…

def get_student_sequence(sequence_name):

    updated_record = db.short_counter.find_one_and_update(filter={"_id": sequence_name},
                                                          upsert=True, update={"$inc": {"seq": 1}},
    return f"{updated_record['seq']}"

db.short.insert_one({"_id": get_student_sequence("rollNo"), "long_url": "")})