Calling all Full-text Search Use Cases

Hey All,

Product for Realm here, we are interested in doing some user research on a full-text search feature for the Realm SDK. This would enable you to search for key words in documents of text to find a match - for instance, searching for motor compatibility and installation in a product’s user manual - even when offline! If you could help us answer some questions then we can look to add this to the product roadmap. If you could please email me at we can set up a time to quickly chat.



We have few thousand records stored on client side with data spread across a couple of tables referencing the main table. when we search, it should look at all the tables for data and if soundex option is there, it would be great

Platform - Xamarin.Forms, MongoDB Realm sync

We’re currently using elasticsearch on the backend to facilitate search. If it can be more or less a simple implementation of that, then I’d be interested.

John, elasticsearch implementation you mentioned, is it as an external service or built-in feature?

Sorry for the late reply. It’s a service that’s implemented on our back end.