C# Typed Lookup with localField as List<MyClass>

I have this situation and I need to find out if it possible to resolve.

This is what I want to do (this is working in mongodb compass)

        "array.id", //localField
        "id", //foreignField
        "b_full", //result list

but I can’t with typed class

db.CollectionA //IMongoDbCollection
    .LookUp<A, B, AwB>(
        db.CollectionB, //IMongoDbCollection
        a => a.Array.Id,  // PROBLEM HERE => I can't select the property Id of the property "Array"
        b => b.Id,
        a => BCollectionFull

The property “Array” of collection “A” is a List< MyClass > where MyClass is a simple class with 3 properties Id, Description, Date
The connection between collection A and collection B is with the Id inside the List

Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

Also, it is possible to pre filter CollectionB and use it in the Lookup ?
(always with typed classes and no bsondocument)