C# conflict between Godot.Collection and System.Collection

Hello everybody.
I encounter a real problem :frowning:

I want to have a link on my MangoDB Database on MongoDB Atlas.

I followed a lot of different tutorial and i finaly found how to connect a c# programm to MongoDB :

But the problem is when i want to do it with Godot.

The line 161 crash.
After few test, the conclusion is the next :

Godot.Collection is in conflict with System.Collection

So, maybe do anybody know a solution to acces my database without using System.Collection ?

It is 2 days that i work on this problem and i don’t found a solution… i hope that a person have a solution ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Xemnai_Sekai, and welcome to the forum,

Could you try to explicitly define the type of collection variable is, for example:

IMongoCollection<BsonDocument> collection = database.GetCollection<BsonDocument>("user");

Also, would you be able to provide the full error stack strace? Trying to figure out whether this issue is related to MongoDB.Driver namespace or just Godot with System namespace issues.


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