Build failure for README: Setting Up mflix lab

When i run mvn spring-boot:run the build is failing see image below

I am using Visual Studio Code as my IDE and I have installed the Java Extensions

can someone assist please I am trying so many different things but not getting a result…some insight would be appreciated

Hi @Ramone_Granston,

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Typos are a possible reason for this error.

  • Be sure to check you wrote spring-boot and not e.g. springboot or sprint-boot or springbok or whatever.

  • Also check the ordering : use spring-boot:run and not run:spring-boot .

If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav

yes i used spring-boot but i am still getting a build failure

i am getting the following errors

these are the errors i am getting

Hi @Ramone_Granston,

I suspect that the pom.xml file is not in the current running directory, please make sure you run the maven command from the same directory where pom.xml file is present.

Also, if you can please share the pom.xml file with us and also share the steps that how you created your pom.xml file and which dependencies you added to that.


The pom.xml file i have is from the course…i didn’t create it
both are in my downloads folder

the error has changed

Hi @Ramone_Granston,

The error says that databaseName doesn’t contain " [double quotes], kindly update the MongoDB Driver via driver settings (it’s in Data Sources and Drivers) and try again.


I figured out what was causing the error, corrected it, and moved on to the next chapter. Thanks for the reply

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