Build Failure An exception occurred while running

I am trying to run m220j chapter 0 for the first time using mvn spring-boot:run and I keep running into this error. I’ve changed application properties and I still get this problem when I try to run the program. Any ideas?

If its to difficult to read I created a imgurl folder Mongo Error - Album on Imgur

Found the solution to my problem. I needed to change my environment jdk version. I was running 1.16 or 1.17 on my Path and Java_Home. I changed the paths to the 1.8.0 jdk and it fixed it all.

Cant believe I wasted a whole day to find out my environments didn’t change automatically lol.

I had the same error. You have to download the Java version included in the link of the Readme and download and install Maven in the same way that it’s included in the Maven web page Maven – Installing Apache Maven
After that, the project runs without problems.


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