Bugs, typos as of 2021-01-31 for the whole course

3, Lab Question 7-9:
Use value “399” instead of “339” in the description.

Video: Query operators comparison:
Typo: The slide wrongly states “$neq” instead of “$ne”

Audio: Kazakhstan is a country, not a city and “KZN” stands for Kazan in southern Russia.

Video; Query operators logic “Implicit $and”:
Second line should better be:

Query Operators - Logic / Question 2:
There is no city with a population over 1m, perhaps 700000 would be showcasing it better.

Quiz 2: $expr
“Which of the following statements will find all the companies that have more employees than the year in which they were founded?”
This is not what the queries show: You wanna know the companies, which employee number(!) is greater than the number of the foundation year.

Array Operators and Sub-Documents:
Makes little sense with “count()”.

Video: Chapter 5: Indexing and Aggregation Pipeline
Introduction to Indexes:
$ db.trips.createIndex({“start station id”: 476, “birth year”: 1 })
The station ID Boolean should be “1” not “476” in the copy clipboard below the video.

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Hi @Christoph_Klingl,

Thanks for compiling this list. I will share it with our team and they will make the necessary updates to the course.

~ Shubham

Hi @Christoph_Klingl ,

Thanks again for the list. I feel especially bad about Kazan. I should know better. Thanks for that one in particular.

Given your name, you should. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - thx for the feedback to both, I really appreciated the course!

(Ofc, it isn’t a Boolean, but just the increment/decrement flag on the last line.)

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