Bug: Realm Studio - Options 'disableFormatUpgrade' and 'sync' are mutual exclusive

When attempting to open Realm Files in the new Version 11.0.1 I get the error: Options 'disableFormatUpgrade' and 'sync' are mutual exclusive.

I hadn’t ever added disableFormatUpgrade in any of my realm configs. For testing, I added this property to my config started my application. As expected, I get the same error in my application as listed above. However, even after I remove that property again, Realm Studio still gives that same error. I even deleted all of the realm files and recreated them, but Realm Studio sill gives this error.

RealmStudio: 11.0.1
React Native/NodeJS: 10.5.0

Same problem on Dot-net and Android versions.

Thank you for reporting the issue. Concerned team will be looking into and share the update.


@Richard_Fairall @David_Harlow: I just got an update from the team they are working to fix this. For progress, you can follow this ticket

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Thanks, appreciate it. I miss being able to view my data in Realm Studio.

This issue is resolved in Realm Studio Version 11.1.0. Thanks everyone.

RealmStudio: 11.1.0
React Native/NodeJS: 10.5.0