Bug in the video lesson for the $redact stage

there’s some bug in the video lesson for the $redact stage : a part of the lesson explaining $$PRUNE/$$PRUNE is missing, and other part is duplicated… Just listen the video : at 0:51, an example is given, and at 1:11, the same example is given again. I found this lesson pretty hard to understand : may be something is missing in this lesson ?


Displays correctly for me. I’d suggest this is a problem with your system, not the video.

Well, I’m quite sure it’s not about my system… I made few tests, watching the same lesson (chapter 5) on different systems :

  • mine : Linux Ubuntu 18.04LTS + Firefox : video has a duration of 3:59, with a repeted audio sequence (at 0:51 and 1:11)
  • another laptop running Linux Ubuntu 18.04LTS + Firefox : same issue
  • tablet Android + Google Chrome : same issue
  • Windows10 + Firefox : same issue

BUT, if i watched this video using the “android app” of Mongodb University, and there’s no repetition : its total duration is only 02:21 btw.
Don’t know if my system has to be pointed out or if it’s a misconception of the web site…