Bucket pattern - problem specification clarification

Could anyone explain what does it mean the 36 billion pieces of information per hour? Is it in bytes? If 'Yes", could someone point me to mistake in the above calculation as I got around 600 billion bytes per hour.

Good catch! There are no specified measurement units so it’s just a miscalculation.

The slide specifies that each piece of information (a temperature reading) is represented by a separate document i.e. the unit is one document that has only one temperature reading and that reading is from a single device. So when the lecture says “36 billion pieces of information per hour”, this means 36 billion documents per hour. The associated transcript says there are 10 million temperature sensors providing one document per minute, which means 600 million documents per hour. So where does it get 36 billion from? Well, if the sensors were sending a document more frequently at once per second, there’d be 36,000 million documents per hour. That’s 36 billion documents per hour.

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